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We fell in love with this place, its sunsets and the paths that lead from the hills to the beaches. With our path, we want to show our love for this land.

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Manifesto Of The Cuisine

To talk about the future, you have to know the past, without historical memory you cannot lay the foundations for tomorrow. The Italian cuisine is based on recipes, gestures, handed down from generation to generation and it is almost a desecration to change them.

“I like to recreate starting from a deconstruction, from a recovery of the matrix of the taste of certain dishes from memory and then reconstructing them not as they were originally but making something new out of them, recreating them in fact, making them live a new time in the changing world. I like to create a connection between past and present, interpreting influences and contaminations in an original way without betraying the Italian taste.”

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We have a golden table, which enjoys the best view of the restaurant over the Bay of Angels.

With a dedicated tasting menu.

The wine cellar

We have created a hidden place, with over 500 labels in constant evolution.
The doors to a secret space with the world’s best wines will open just for you.

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Where we are

The pink stones of the Furlo Pass, wood, brass, the yellow and blue of the horizons and the sea, the ceramic tables with hand-salted edges, the natural Brioni terracotta, the grit, the rosemary, the laurels, the flowers, the aromatic garden and the fireplaces make this a place that wants to look to the future with an honest and full of life eye.

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Natural vegetable garden

We started a natural vegetable garden situated at 500 m from our restaurant precisely to ensure the freshness and seasonality of some local ingredients.

We have embraced the philosophy of the Japanese Masanobu Fukuoka, who admired the perfection of nature and the spontaneous growth of forests without the help of man and came to the conclusion that there was no need to squeeze the earth for fruit.

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plastic free

LEED Certification

Our renovation made us choose a sustainable approach, this is why we received the LEED GOLD certification for our building.

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