“Hidden, from hidden

“kept out of sight; concealed: to find a hidden object; extension: remote, isolated: a village hidden in the mountains

2 fig. Far from obvious, hardly suspicious on the surface, even in an ironic sense. SYN secret: to have hidden talents, virtues”

Born in the historic village of Gabicce, Hidden is a place where you can feel protected.

Made of colours, scents fabrics and emotions, in the care and respect of the place where it is located.

A historic house, one of the first in the village of Gabicce Monte, renovated according to the principles of sustainability, the base of our philosophy and development.

Solar panels, elimination of single-use plastic and objects that make you feel loved.

Hidden has three rooms each with its own character and peculiarities, the rooms can be booked individually or the house can be rented as a whole with a garden, 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms for a maximum of 6/8 pax”.

garden suite

Our 50 m² Garden Suite has a private garden where breakfast can be served and where you can lie in the sun.

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Two 1950s armchairs overlook the natural park of Monte San Bartolo, the panoramic window allows a glimpse of the sea through the trees and frames a green, enveloping panorama that is also visible from the king-size bed.

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A room like a love nest.

The bed set in an oak bookcase and wrapped in pillows, the wooden parquet floor and marble sinks.

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The Hidden House can also be booked in its entirety to enjoy with friends and family an experience in a house situated in the heart of Gabicce Monte and the San Bartolo park, between nature and the sea.

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