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“To talk about the future, you have to know the past, without historical memory you cannot lay the foundations for tomorrow. The Italian cuisine is based on recipes, gestures, handed down from generation to generation and it is almost a desecration to change them. It is increasingly difficult to look for new ways, new forms of innovation as almost everything has already been said.
I like to recreate starting from a deconstruction, from a recovery of the matrix of the taste of certain dishes from memory and then reconstructing them not as they were originally but making something new out of them, recreating them in fact, making them live a new time in the changing world.
I like to create a connection between past and present, interpreting influences and contaminations in an original way without betraying the Italian taste.
To historicise a creative process of change, of values, linked to our culture and our days in order to build a new future without losing the national gastronomic heritage.
Representing the ferment of the Italian society and customs of the “Dolce Vita” 1960s in the cuisine and atmosphere today.”

Davide di Fabio

We try to highlight the local products: from the fisherman to the small farmer.
Attentive to provenance and quality, we always choose raw materials with the least environmental impact.
The aim is to build over the years a controlled supply chain that reasons as we do, that respects the environment and the sea.

Dishes change daily according to what the sea and our vegetable garden bring.
Vegetables and aromatic plants are the protagonists of our vegetarian (and not only) menu.
Attention to seasonality and respect for our land is reflected in our gastronomic proposal.

Sustainability starts with us and the actions we take.

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