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The pink stones of the Furlo Pass, wood, brass, the yellow and blue of the horizons and the sea, the ceramic tables with hand-salted edges, the natural Brioni terracotta, the grit, the rosemary, the laurels, the flowers, the aromatic garden and the fireplaces make this a place that wants to look to the future with an honest and full of life eye.
Dalla Gioconda stands on a mountain, in a natural park overlooking the sea, immersed in the greenery of Mount San Bartolo.

Gabicce Monte called “the Capri of the Adriatic” is the first vantage point from Trieste, which has always been the home of music and entertainment.
It was here that some of the most famous Italian dancing clubs and discos were born: from Eden Rock, which hosted the most illustrious singers on the Italian scene, to Baia degli Angeli, which revolutionised disco music and the concept of fun in the 1970s, making Gabicce famous even abroad.

Dalla Gioconda began as a dancing pizzeria in the 1950s. Run by Mrs Gioconda of the same name, it still retains the lightness imprinted in that name (and its juke box 🙂) even after extensive renovation.

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